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About Us

The ALASKAR Technologies Company was set up in order to provide high-level, professional services in the automation support of aircraft airworthiness, repair and maintenance.

A knowledge of technical maintenance key moments, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Management) system's weaknesses and strengths, a long-term experience have contributed to a new vision of the MRO and CAM system and the way it should operate and function.

A fact that multifunctional, diversified, multi-purpose industry solutions lead to the loss of implementation pace, decline in efficiency and the vague goals and tasks statement has exerted a great influence on the development of an advanced, more efficient and aviation-oriented MRO and CAM system on the basis of twelve years' experience in the aviation industry.

This system created in accordance with careful industry analysis is aimed at obtaining the quick and qualitative results, the completion of technical tasks, aircraft maintenance and repair services automation.