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Historical Milestones

The ALASKAR Technologies Company was set up in order to provide high-level, professional services in the automation support of aircraft airworthiness, repair and maintenance.

A contemporary concept of a MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Management) system orginates from the development of the first Troubleshooting module in the 2002 year, when the ALASKAR founder created and implemented it in Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia jointly with engineers of this company.

Later the Base Maintenance Module, the Logistic Module and the Line Maintenance Module were widely introduced to engineering companies and implemented in Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia.

ALASKAR engineers and experts have been working out and developing various programs and software to provide efficient aviation solutions for airlines and MRO companies in order to ease maintenance process by its automation.

ALASKAR Technologies has also a subsidiary in Estonia, Ltd. ITSF (official web site: www.itsf.ee).